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Affordable SEO Service for the IT and Technology Industry

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Who needs affordable SEO services?

In today’s competitive environment, it is becoming increasingly difficult to even maintain sales for small businesses. Large companies have access to virtually unlimited resources, thus they can afford to spend huge amounts of money for online promotion including Google Adwords campaigns, social media marketing campaigns and other online marketing campaigns with budgets over millions of rupees. Small businesses on the contrary do not usually have access to such finances and thus are limited in terms of their choice of online promotion tools. Choosing the best online promotion tool which gives the highest ROI is imperative for small businesses for both survival and success. Thus, all small businesses need affordable SEO services.

Why Small Businesses need SEO?

Some of the main reasons why small businesses need SEO more than large corporate entities:

  • Small businesses have relatively lesser budget for promotion.
  • Small businesses need high ROI tools in order to effectively utilize their available resources more efficiently.
  • Nine out of Ten times, small businesses have targeted audiences and a smaller target market which can be better marketed by SEO as compared to traditional marketing tools.

Which Industries benefit best from SEO?

If past trends are an indication, both business to business and business to customer products and service sales over the internet is growing at an astounding rate since last 5 years. Further, it is estimated that the growth in online sales will be in 2 digits for the next 10 years. Businesses or companies which understand this trend and are willing to take appropriate actions, will immensely benefit. The key to success for small business is to act immediately and adapt to these changes before their competition. Following are the key industries which have benefited with increased online sales in the past 5 years:

Health Care & Personal Care Industry

With the ever increasing health care demand in India, and owing to, the increased search for health care products online, more consumers today gather information & purchase healthcare products online.

Be a part of this increasing health care and personal care industry trend to capitalize on the fruits before your competition.

Travel & Toursm and Hotel Industry

More and more people plan their trips & make hotel and travel booking online today.

Owing to automation of both rail and air travel ticketing services online, hotel services are catching up and if you are part of this industry, it is now imperative to follow the trend and offer your products and services online.

Education and Knowledge Industry

Today many students are internet savvy than before. Students use internet for almost all their needs including finding professional courses that they want to join. This need of students searching online for professional courses has given rise to the need for professional course providers to create a strong online presence in order to cater to their needs.

If you are an educational institute providing professional courses, it is very important for you to have an online presence and an online marketing campaign that will assist you in garnering the attention of the students.

IT and Technlogy Industry

More than any other industry, for IT service requirement and for Mobile technology and products, people are gearing up and using the internet more and more.

Today, before a person buys a mobile or any other technology product like laptop or PC they go search the internet for product offerings and check to see both product features and prices before deciding to purchase the product. Having an online presence for the IT and technology industry has become a must.

Small Business SEO Evaluation Test

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