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White hat SEO services v/s black hat SEO services

As soon as search engines arrived, there has always been a debate on what is white hat SEO service and what is black hat SEO service, what is the demarcation and dividing line between the two. Search engines have tried to place varying definitions which have been evolving over time. In general, however, the debate is between hard work and easy shortcuts to rank high within search results. We will try to define what both white hat and black hat SEO services are below:

What is white hat SEO?

Any process to improve the authority and thus the search result ranking of a website or webpage using ethical methods is considered as white hat SEO. SEO service providers use varying methods to improve the ranking of websites and webpages that are based on the algorithms and ranking mechanisms used by search engines. For example if a search engine gives importance to a domain’s future expiry date and ranks a website higher if it has a longer expiry date, then, in order to rank high on that search engine’s result pages, one may renew the domain for a long time in future. This is a purely ethical method and portrays longevity of the website to the search engines.

What is black hat SEO?

Many SEO service providers use unethical methods to rank webpages or websites higher using short term strategies to gain an unfair advantage and competitive edge. Although such methods help the website and it’s owners in the short term, it is worth mentioning that search engines are vigilant and when they do identify such unfair means or methods, they provide both instant penalties and complete removal of websites or webpages form search results depending on the severity of the offence. A common example of black hat SEO method is to include text on websites or web pages which is only visible to search engines. This is also called keyword stuffing. Such methods get noticed either in the short term or most definitely in the long term and result in permanent penalties which are very difficult to reverse.

Why you should avail only white hat SEO services?

With experience we have noticed that black hat SEO services result in long term damage to both reputation and ranking for websites. They not only harm the concerned website or webpage but also the range of websites that may be hosted on a particular IP address or even sometimes to all websites hosted on a particular IP address range. Although white hat SEO service takes longer than black hat SEO service, it has long lasting and permanent rewards.

We provide white hat SEO Services

Avail of our white hat SEO services and enjoy fast and lasting results. We use techniques and methods that are in accordance with Google and Bing’s webmaster guidelines and your website will always enjoy both highest authority and ranking when we do the SEO for your website. All our SEO plans and packages come with a 100% guarantee of being completely white hat SEO services with no compromise on search engine guidelines in order to attain short term search results ranking advantages. If for any reason you feel we are using black hat SEO, we will provide 100% proof of all our SEO procedures and techniques to eliminate your doubts. Also, if for any reason you can prove that we have used black hat SEO, we will provide you with a 100% refund of all the charges immediately.