Local Business SEO or Geographic Search Engine Optimization

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Not all businesses require a universal SEO service to rank high on all search engines throughout the globe. As a matter of fact, 92% of all businesses promote their products and services within a country only. Moreover 80% of these only promote to people within a city or town. They do not require a world wide SEO service. As a matter of fact, they only require regional or local SEO to gain access and visibility to their geographical market segment.

Why Geographical Search Engine Optimization?

Previously, it was difficult to do local SEO as search engines were not geared up to handle such a segmentation. However, over the past 2-3 years, search engines have understood this and are today more capable of providing local results to search visitors. This change in search engine functionality is a very positive thing for small businesses in particular. Small businesses have limited resources and in many cases, have a small geographical market ideally within the city they operate or within the country they operate.

With Local SEO, now you can concentrate your marketing efforts to the specific geographical market of your choice. This helps provide a clear and precise targeting which is so crucial for any marketing campaign to be successful.

Local Business SEO Features of our Affordable SEO Plans

Our Affordable SEO Service includes a thorough analysis of your marketing requirements and we device a tailor made SEO plan for you depending on your geographical market. This plan includes:

  • Country wise submission of your website’s sitemap to local search engines
  • City wise listing your business with Google Places & Bing Places 
  • Submitting your website to local directories
  • Creating a local back-linking strategy and implementing it 
  • Optimizing your website to include your city & country name to get higher rankings locally
  • Locating your web hosting within your geographic target market to ensure speedy website for visitors 
  • Testing & fine tuning the website or suggesting the required Geo tags & Geo location in contact page to optimize visibility to both search engines and visitors alike 

Local Business SEO: What Should Small Businesses Do?

Local SEO is evolving as search engines are evolving, however, one thing is clear, going the local SEO way is the way of the future. Both search engines, business owners & online visitors agree that in future, they desire more geographical and related results based search listings. Thus, for a small business it is important to catch up with the GEO trend and en-cash on it before the competition does so.

You may contact us or ask us to get in touch with you if you would like to avail of any of our Affordable SEO Service Packages for your website.

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