How Much Should Small Businesses Spend on SEO?

by / Tuesday, 06 May 2014 / Published in seo

For a small business with limited resources, it is always a question on how much should be allocated for search engine optimization (SEO) spending. Today there are many options for advertisement and promotion for small businesses. So how does one decide what amount you should spend on online marketing and SEO? It’s always a trade-off between short term and long term spending. For any promotional strategy to be successful, it is imperative that both short term and long term costs are covered.

Who should spend on SEO?

More than large companies, in today’s business environment, the challenges for smaller businesses is greater. They are faced with large corporate(s) who have access to unlimited resources and can afford to spend huge amounts on massive advertisement campaigns. Usually the offerings by large companies is to the masses and thus they get huge budgetary allocations for their promotional campaigns. On the other hand, small businesses have a pre-defined target audience. In most of the cases these are smaller market segments whom they cater to. Thus for such small businesses it is not possible to do mass advertisement campaigns. Targeted marketing is easily possible with SEO. With the help of SEO, small businesses will tend to benefit both in terms of reaching the desired market segment & attaining the best ROI for their investment. Get special casino bonuses – play online games for free.

Online Marketing Choices & SEO

Ideally any small business should allocate around 30% of their promotional spending on online marketing which includes:

  • Google Adwords advertisements
  • Facebook and other social media campaigns 
  • Pay-per-click & banner advertisements 
  • Website Design & Onsite keyword optimization 
  • Directory listings & offsite reputation building 
  • Newsletter registration & regular newsletter sending systems

Small Business SEO Strategy:

Some of the above are short term promotional strategies while others like SEO are a medium to long term solution. If you are a small business with a long term perspective, allocating a good share of your promotional budget to SEO will assist you in reaping fantastic benefits both in the medium to long term. Any small business with a futuristic perspective should allocate around 30% of their online marketing budget for SEO. This is a generalization, spending on SEO may vary from industry to industry. You may decide what amount is best for your & your industry. If you need assistance in deciding a good SEO strategy, you may call upon us and get industry specific inputs and evaluations in order to assist in your decision.

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