Affordable SEO Plans & Basic Requirements


The affordable SEO service plans are suitable for small businesses and small companies. We have designed these plan keeping the lowest and the most important actions that need to be done in a website to ensure compliance & visibility to search engines. Our affordable SEO plans are designed to provide the best ROI (return on investment) at the lowest possible investment. Starter websites can take advantage of these plans in order to garner traffic, visibility & a share of the online market to boost sales.

Prerequisites to apply for any Affordable SEO Plan

Basic requirements to be met for affordable SEO plans & packagesAny new website needs to follow certain basic SEO protocols in order to be friendly to search engines. These steps or implementations are mandatory in order to achieve high search result rankings & in order to further your website’s SEO to the next level. Drawing from our past experiences, we have devised a checklist of requirements that are a prerequisite before you can embark on any of our SEO plans. Any normal website should already have these prerequisites before they can start search engine optimization.

Kindly evaluate your current website or allow us to evaluate it in order to determine which basic requisites are present and which are missing before choosing one of our affordable SEO plans. Ensuring adherence to these requirements will enable us expedite the SEO work for your website. If any of these requirements are missing you may get them done from your web designer or we may alternatively provide you with our web designing services to overcome them.

Provided below are the basic coding, design & hardware prerequisites that are mandatory in order to proceed further:

Coding Prerequisites for SEO

A website needs to be “coding error free”. In-spite of all efforts by web-designers, it is inevitable that some coding errors may arise from time to time. Each page on your website is thoroughly checked for coding errors before a website is ranked on search results. Well coded (error free) websites tend to rank higher than poorly coded or erroneous webpages. Each and every page on your website is required to be checked for coding errors and all errors need to be eliminated before we can start your website’s SEO. You may please check your website for coding errors before applying for any of our affordable SEO plans or packages. For your convenience, we have included herewith a link to HTML validator which will assist you in identifying coding errors. Please thoroughly check each webpage on your website for coding errors and ask your web designer to eliminate them for you. If you want us to do this for you, you may designate us and for a small fee, we will eliminate HTML coding errors for you.

Design Prerequisites for SEO

A well designed website is mandatory in order to start search engine optimization on your website. Website designs need to be accessible & should follow consistent hierarchy in order for search engines to understand them. Proper & systematic use of headings, bold text and cross browser compatibility is a must. A website’s design would have consistent headers, menus, content areas & footers on all pages. If your website is not consistent in design, search engines will mark you down on design parameters and a poorly designed website will not rank high in search results even if you do the best search engine optimization for it. We will do an initial design examination of your website beforehand, you may instruct your web designer to make design changes / modifications for you before going for any of our affordable SEO packages. If you would like us to modify the design of your website, for a small fee, we will be glad to assist.

Navigation Prerequisites for SEO

Equally important to website design is the navigation structure of the website and the importance of having menus & internal linking. Both the search engine & visitors should be very comfortable in navigating and locating content on your website. As a standard practice, at-least 2 links to each page from any page of your website is ideal. One in the header section & the other in the sidebar or footer (depending on your website’s design). If you currently don’t have this on your website, we recommend to get this integrated within the website before applying for any of our affordable SEO package. If you want us to modify the navigation of your website to adhere to navigation standards of search engines, we will be glad to assist for a small fee, we will correct all navigation issues on your website for you.

Hardware Prerequisites for SEO

Each website works on back-end hardware which includes both hosting server configuration and server location. Both are equally important for SEO. Your website needs to be hosted closest to the visitors of your website. If your website is currently not hosted in the region where your visitors are, we strongly recommend to switch to a reliable SEO friendly hosting provider closest to your website visitors. Further, the configuration of the hosting server on which the website is hosted and the hosting neighborhood i.e., websites hosted on the same server are also important factors for attaining top positions in search results. You may speak with your hosting provider to find out following details:

  1. The Geographical location of the website’s hosting server.
  2. All the domains that are hosted on their service (in order to evaluate the neighborhood). 
  3. The configuration of the machine & the resources at your disposal. 

If any of the above criteria is inconsistent with your needs, you may either ask them to comply with your requirement or else look for a hosting provider who can meet your specific needs. If you are in India, you can avail of our lowest cost SEO friendly web hosting (hosted in Pune, India).

Domain Name & Domain Age Prerequisites for SEO

Although you must have spend a lot of time, effort and resources in acquiring the right domain name, however, in some cases, you may consider changing the domain name of it does not match the SEO requirements. In order to decide if the domain name chosen by you is appropriate for SEO, you may avail of our free domain name evaluation service. We also provide domain name suggestion service for a small fee. If you would like us to suggest & hunt for an appropriate SEO friendly domain name, we will be glad to help. Another important factor for to consider before placing an order for our affordable SEO package is how old the domain name you have is and for how long in the future have you booked it (domain expiration date). The older the better and the more years in future the better. If the domain is in consistence with the basic SEO requirement, all you need to do is to ensure that you have booked it for the next 3 years. This shows to search engines that the business is stable, and they can comfortably provide the appropriate ranking to the website.

If all the above prerequisites are in place, you may go ahead and select one of our affordable SEO plans or packages which best suits your requirement.