Affordable SEO Package Features

What is included in all Affordable SEO Packages?

All affordable SEO service packages are designed keeping only one thing in mind: “Return on Investment“. Unlike other SEO professionals, we believe in providing details to our clients. When you choose any one of our affordable plans, you can rest assured to get satisfactory results both in short and long term. To clarify what you can expect when you buy our affordable SEO service plans, we have included below features which are common to all our SEO packages:

Keyword Optimization: Emphasis & positioning of important keywords

Keyword Research: one of the most important steps in search engine optimization. Well begun is half done, this applies for search engine optimization alike. keyword research can break or make the traffic flow for a website. Choosing the best and most effective "keywords" is of paramount importance to attain best return on investment. Instead of selecting one or two word keywords which are both: highly competitive & difficult to attain, key-phrases help get targeted traffic and are more effective in both the short and long term. The whole idea of key-phrases research is to select realistic key-phrases which can bring in significant amount of targeted traffic. We use both keywords research and key-phrases research to identify 3+ words keywords and key-phrases which deliver targeted & result oriented organic traffic to your specific webpage(s).

All our SEO packages include both key-words and key-phrases research & suggestion services. Depending on which package you select, the number of keywords and key-phrases will differ, however, with targeted keywords & key-phrases, we ensure you get the highest return on your investment.

Meta Title tags appear at the Title Bar (top bar) of the web browser. Depending on the keywords or key-phrases in this title tag¸ search engines display the web pages relevant to a search. Same applies for "meta description tags". Meta description tags on the other hand are more descriptive and it is possible to include key-phrases within them easily. Both are equally important aspects of getting better rankings in search results. Since, both the title and description appear in search engines' result pages, proper use of key-words and key-phrases in "common man language" results in more impressions and better click through rates. Thus resulting in more targeted traffic to the webpage or website.

Unlike other SEO service providers' plans, when you choose any of our SEO plans, you can rest assured that both the meta title & the meta description will be optimized by us for best results & highest ROI.

A page content usually comprises of topic related content. The page heading or title is usually the most descriptive & relevant phrase which helps determine what the page or chapter may contain. However, every webpage or chapter in a book usually has many sub-headings and even headings below the sub headings (depending on the content of the page or chapter). There are completely different headings HTML tag sets available for web designers to show such headings and sub headings on a webpage. These heading tags are both visible and understandable to search engines & humans alike. Thus the use of such html heading tags to categorize content on a page helps both humans and search bots better understand the page content and thus helps index the pages higher based on both headings and sub-headings. A web page with good symmetrical heading structure and proper use of HTML headings tags on a page helps attain high search page rankings in a short time (as proper and well structured headings indicate quality content).

Our SEO Package includes:

  • A complete page headings check on all pages of your website
  • Correction of each page to ensure asymmetrical & concise use of headings
  • Suggestions to change headings wherever appropriate in order to attain highest search ranking

Although unique and customer(visitor) focused content is the most important for any websites' online success, sometimes, such content may lack the required keywords or number of keywords. Human visitors may not have any problems with the content, as a matter of fact even the best human visitor content websites do not rank too high in search results. One of the main reasons for this is: search engines, search engine algorithms & search robots lack the human touch. Thus, in order for these robotic visitors, it becomes important to include main keywords in sufficient quantities and in appropriate positions to get the ranking your website deserves. Further, for accessibility reasons also, inclusion of keywords in appropriate locations is beneficial. Maintaining optimal keyword density is imperative to get the desired and well deserved position in search results.

Our SEO Plans include:

  • Evaluating all web pages to check keyword density
  • Suggesting webpage content alterations wherever required
  • Implementing such page alterations after you approve of them

As compared to offline content like books & print media, online content uses more images and visual representation of content. There is no harm in using more images and visual content. Matter of fact, visual content & images convey more information & help visualize. For humans this is a perfect style of content presentation, however, when it comes to search engines, they are image-blind. To be precise, search engines can't view images and visual content. Specially when it cones to flash banners & flash content, it is virtually invisible to search engines. We strongly suggest to remove any flash content from your website and replace it with java based image scrollers or image fade-in fade-out snippets to maintain the visual appeal and search engine indexing. The only way search engines can understand images is through something called an image-alt tag. Simply put, an image alt tag is a verbal description of an image which is visible to search engines. Considering that the search engines can't view images, one may think that use of "image alt tags" should be a common practice. However, this is not true. Many web designers don't understand this, further, many web designers may omit the use of image alts tags.

Our SEO plan includes:

  • Analyzing web pages for missing image ALT tags
  • Identifying images missing ALT tags
  • Creating appropriate image ALT tags for the images missing them
  • Analyzing pre-existing image alt tags & suggesting more appropriate ones wherever needed
  • Implementing image ALT tags on all web pages

A lot of debate is around for keywords in domain name. So, is it important to include a keyword in domain name or not? The answer is quite simple. For a one word keyword, due to the heavy competition, it really does not make much of a difference in the short to medium term. However, for 2-3 key-phrases, the difference is significant and thus, it is a good idea to have two or three word key-phrases whith the domain name. Further there are many other importnt aspects related to domain names, the domain age, the domain's expiry and alike which are important determining factors for search engines to rank the website on the whole. When we undertake a website's SEO, we analyze the domain name for all the above factors in order to determine what can be done to improve the domain's reputation and ranking so that search engines give the deserved importance to the website.

Our SEO Packages include following domain analysis and suggestion services:

  • Analyse and domain name in comparison to the competing websites and suggest name changes (if required)
  • Analyse a domain name's relevance to the business and suggest changes (if required)
  • Evaluate the domain for it's age & suggest (if required) to extend the domain's expiry date (ideally to get higher search engine rankings, having an expiry of 5 years or more is recommended)
  • Checking the reputation of the domain and making am mends to ensure that the domain is not black-listed or marked down in any way
  • If there are mark downs which affect the domain name, we suggest how those markdowns can be removed within the shortest period of time

The term "Page URL" refers to the complete address of a webpage which is displayed within the address bar of the web browser for a specific page. This page URL is also displayed in the search results for any keyword or key-phrase right below the title of the search result snippet. Two things here are important: search engine friendly URLs & inclusion of main key-word or key-phrase within the URLs. Although most website designed in HTML will not require SEF (Search Engine Friendly) URL structure as they are already search engine friendly. Some dynamic database driven websites, however, need the implementation of SEF URLs in order for then to display key-words and key-phrases within the URLs. Different website architectures require different techniques to implement SEF URLs.

Our SEO packages include webpage URL keyword inclusion. For non-SEF URLs, it is firstly important to correct the URL structure before including keywords in URLs. Following are the main Page URL & keyword inclusion services included within our SEO plans:

  • Analyzing the website and it's pages for keywords & key-phrases
  • Including important and relevant key-words and key-phrases within the URLs of the web pages
  • SEF URL structure (may be implemented at a small fee - depending on the current architecture of your website)

On page optimization: Website Enhancements & Improvements

On page optimization for visitors

An effective website is one which is easily navigable. In terms of website designing and visitor experience, 'navigation' means ease of use of the website. Textual & Menu based extensive linking ensures reaching each webpage with one or two clicks. Usually visitors go to a website and want to reach a specific page to initiate action. If a website isn't easily navigable, visitors may have to search for link(s) to the webpage they want to reach. Although this search may normally take less than a minute, visitors are generally pressed against time and even saving 30 seconds (due to proper navigation) will result in a better visitor experience. On the contrary, if a visitor has to spend an extra 30 seconds to locate a link to a webpage (due to poor navigation), this could result in visitor dis-satisfaction.

When you avail of any of our 'Affordable SEO Service Plans', you can rest assured that we take care of the on-page visitor optimization and help improve your website's navigation. Included within our SEO packages are following on-page optimization - website's navigation analysis services:

  • A complete check of your website's navigation
  • A complete report on what can be done to improve the website's navigation
  • A report indicating if internal & textual linking is required (apart from navigational suggestions)

You may ask your web designer to make the necessary changes to your website in order to improve the navigation of your website. Alternatively, for a small fee, we can make these changes for your.

Studies have shown that ideally a visitor waits around five seconds for a webpage to load. A webpage that takes lesser than 5 seconds helps improve visitor experience. On the contrary, a web page that takes more than 5 seconds to load results in bad visitor experience. The web is full of slow and heavy web-pages and the average load time for a webpage is over seven seconds. However this scenario is not permanent and coding changes, hosting changes & image optimization can help bring any web-page's load time to below 5 seconds. If you are a website owner, you may check how long a typical webpage on your website takes to load. If your website takes more than five seconds to load, it is time to make amends, contact your web designer and web hosting provider and make necessary changes to ensure a better visitor experience.

When you avail of any one of our 'SEO Packages', we do a complete website loading time analysis. We run following checks on your website:

  • A check to see if image sprites are used or not. If not wherever possible we suggest you to use them
  • A check to see if image sizes can be optimized and how much if loading time can be reduced by doing that
  • A check on your hosting server as compared to your majority visitors. If required a suggestion to shift the geographical location of your hosting server

If you feel that your web designer cannot make these changes or if you want us to do these changes for you, for a small fee, we can ensure that your website is completely optimized for speed and renders fast (in 5 seconds) to your website visitors.

70% of all web forms and visitor input mechanism do not use Java based interactive forms. Further, 90% of all websites are not dynamic. Adding the personal touch by providing user registration & involvement can greatly improve the visitor experience. Also, using such a mechanism will allow you to store your visitor information and this information can be used to send regular desired newsletters to the visitors from time to time.

Any visitor who has visited your website in the past is a potential buyer. Collecting such visitors' information by way of a newsletter opt-in form on the website will enable you to communicate with such visitors in the future. Providing new product or service features and promotional offerings can greatly increase your sales.

While making a purchase decision, people have doubts. So do your website visitors. Adding product or service reviews which are visible to all visitors and adding positive reviews from regular customers in a testimonials section on the website will greatly improve conversion ratios.

Almost all visitors are present on social media like twitter and facebook. A good way to interact with the visitors is to show them that your website is also social. Allow visitors to share and like your website pages on popular social media so that your website gains visibility in their circles & groups.

Search engines have also started giving higher ranking to websites who are more social than compared to websites who do not have any social presence.

On-Page Optimization for Search Engines

Search engines are image blind. For a better visitor experience, it is important to have a good visual representation of things. All good visual representations require the use of images. Although images are visible and appeal to people, search engines can't view them. For search engines, it is important that each section on a webpage is well defined, visual content has alternate search engine description so that search engines can understand the visual content present on a website.

There are ways to show such visual content to search engines. We implement best ways to describe images to search engines so that they may give the deserved importance to non textual content and rank the concerned web-page appropriately.

After deciding on which keywords are "the target set" i.e, which keywords we want to target to optimize the website for, all textual content on the website is analyzed for inclusion of all targeted keywords. For search engines to understand importance of some words as compared to the entire content on a webpage or website, keywords need to be emphasized, positioned within important segments and highlighted to them.

We will do a complete content revamp wherever required in order to correct all textual content on the website and get it to rank high for the targeted keywords and key phrases.

If looking at the content of a webpage, it is difficult to gauge what the title of a web page should be, we need to add an appropriate title to display it to search engines. So goes for the page description as well. We will analyse all webpages for page title and page description. All necessary changes to improve both the page titles and page descriptions will be done so that each webpage is optimized and ranks high for it's content.

Dynamic websites use auto-generated URLs. These URLs are lack both remember-ability & keywords. Although memorability is concerned with human visitors, for search engines, it is a good practice to include important and descriptive key-words within the page's URL. This helps both improve the search ranking and proper directory structure helps indexing in search engines.

We completely revamp your website's URL structure and make to search engine friendly in order for highest visibility to search robots and comparatively higher search result ranking.